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We update the exchange rates every 24 hours, for exact rates visit the nearest branch.
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Excellence is a Way of Life for Us

India Direct Bank Transfer

You can transfer Indian Rupees to beneficiary bank accounts with any bank in India within a day. Our direct remittance arrangements with these major banks save time and money for you. Since we have a Straight Through Process(STP) capability with these banks,your money is deposited in your accounts Real time.

Electronic Fund Transfer

Our funds transfer process is automatic with an integrated capability to reach your funds in any bank branches in India by integrating our transaction process with the RTGS/NEFT network of banks in India thus ensuring a trouble-free electronic funds transfer within 48 hours in any member banks in the network. Our member bank branches cover almost all the banks and more than 40,000 bank branches in India.

Instant Remittance Solutions

Our one step instant money remittance solutions provided through the most reputed agents in the market ensures that your beneficiary receive the funds at the wink of an eye thus extending our helping hand to you to reach out with funds to your dear ones in any emergency situation.

About Al Jazira Exchange

Al Jazira Exchange is the financial arm of the renowned Akbar Group which has a substantial presence across India and Middle East as a leading Travel and Tourism provider. To provide a speedy, safe and cost-effective remittance facility to the expatriates, the group has ventured in to remittance business with its first branch at Musaffah, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

We have a global reach through our reputed correspond- ent banks. Al jazira offers a variety of Foreign Exchange and Remittance services to the multi-cultural and multi-ethnic population of the UAE. Our motto is to provide a competitive exchange rate along with the lowest funds transfer charges to our customers. We offer a variety of products and services matching to the various currency and fund transfer requirements of our custom- ers.

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